Unleash Your Potential for Growth

Experience a transformative and dynamic 7-day journey meticulously designed for ambitious students and young professionals aged 20 to 26. This program is tailored for those who aspire to venture into the world of startups and become the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Engage in enlightening sessions led by renowned leaders and accomplished entrepreneurs, unlocking the knowledge and inspiration needed to kickstart your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Transformation Process



Unlock new horizons every day with captivating, focused, and specialized training sessions on Idea Validation, Business Model, Marketing, Financing, and Pitching. Sharpen your expertise, and accelerate your growth, one theme at a time.

Guest Talks

Seize the opportunity to engage in direct conversations, to learn from renowned IT leaders and accomplished entrepreneurs. Connect with the best minds in the industry and step into the realm of inspiration.

Team Work

Empower yourself through the transformative power of collaborative learning. Engage in dynamic teamwork sessions where you’ll apply the invaluable insights gained from the training lessons. Experience the remarkable growth and achievements that come from hands-on collaboration. Unleash your potential together!


Wrap up each day with a captivating social event, offering a perfect blend of networking, relaxation, and pure fun. Strengthen relationships, recharge, and create lasting connections. Get to know fellow participants while unwinding and having a great time.

Why to attend?

Learning experience

Learn from the best trainers everything you need to know about launching a successful startup

Making an Impact

Share your ideas with other creative and ambitious young people

Open talks

Engage in open discussions with well known IT leaders and successful entrepreneurs

Step into the future as a next-gen tech entrepreneur at #defineSchool 2023

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